Robin Hood and His Merry…What?

“Robin Hood: Wolf’s Head”, my first book, is my version of the Robin Hood legend. It answers the burning (well, to me, anyway) question “What if Robin was actually a werewolf?”

Other than that small twist, I’ve tried for historical accuracy. The story is set in the fourteenth century. It’s really an interwoven series of stories, and stories inside stories. Among them is the story of John (no, not Little), who is wounded by a nameless enemy and saved from death by a hermit who nurses him back to health. In return he passes on the true tale of Robin, and in the end, the story of his own journey.

Along the way the stories tell of loyalty, love, sacred kingship, the hard life of a Sheriff, how men and women half animal can become more truly human, and a strange kind of redemption.

“Robin Hood: Wolf’s Head” is available in print and Kindle editions.

It’s also on Goodreads here.

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