Post-giveaway price discounts

My Hel-ish giveaway on Goodreads ended Sunday night, and over 800 people requested a copy–an amazing response (at least to me). Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the winners!

To celebrate, I’ve discounted the print version of ‘The Road to Hel’ –it’s now $9.99 on Amazon, down from $13.70. If you don’t get free shipping with Amazon, it might make sense to get it for 8.99 by going to Createspace and using coupon code NDDFF7WW. (Catchy, isn’t it? You’ll notice if you read it backwards it becomes…well, never mind.)

The Kindle version is still only $2.99, and there are comparable deals in the UK store.

I’m also offering similar deals on  ‘Robin Hood: Wolf’s Head’. The print version is down to $11.99, and with coupon code NDDFF7WW you can get it for 10.99 at my Createspace e-store.In Kindle format, it’s just 2.99.


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