Creating Elf Habitat, Part 3

An important factor in creating elf habitat is to have the right plants growing in your yard. Sometimes these aren’t the ones you would expect. For example, consider milkweed, pictured in bloom above. Its flowers are actually quite pretty. But although I’ve seen it all my life, and pulled up hundreds of them, I never knew until recently that it flowered at all. It turns out that it’s a favorite plant of butterflies, and who doesn’t like butterflies? For sure, elves must be partial to them.

Other weeds that I’m tending to leave alone this summer include plaintain, which has seen long use as an healing herb, lamb’s quarters, which are edible, and Michaelmas daisies. Some people apparently plant these “daisies” on purpose, but they grow wild in my yard. If you burn their leaves, it’s said to drive away evil spirits.

But better to leave them standing, and attract elves instead!

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