Mother’s Day Fantasy Sale

I’m participating in this sale along with a bunch of other fantasy writers. For my part, my newest e-book The Road to Hel will be on sale May 7th to 14th for $0.99 (and 99 pence in the UK store). Also, my first e-book, Robin Hood: Wolf’s Head has been reduced to 99 cents/pence regular price.

Here are 7 other great stories on sale during this time–I’m planning on checking out some of these myself!

These titles are only $0.99:
The Lost Forest
The Sorcerer’s Oath Book 3
Jenny Ealey
$0.99 May 6-8

A Slave to Magic
Tales from Nol’Deron
Lana Axe
$0.99 May 4-10

Beneath the Canyons
Daughter of the Wildlings Book 1
Kyra Halland
$0.99 May 7-14

Az: Revenge of an Archangel
AA Bavar
$0.99 May 7-14

The Fairy Wren
Ashley Capes
0.99 until May 9th

Beyond the Sun
Sandra Bischoff
$0.99 May 6-12

Beyond Time
Sandra Bischoff
$0.99 May 6-12

The next two titles are FREE:

The Core Stone
The Storm Seer’s Prophecy Book 1
Robert D. Stanley
Free May 8-12

Swords and Sorcery
The Faerie Tales Book 1
Lee Tozer
Free May 7-8

And last but not least…Bargain Priced!

The Bow of Destiny
The Bow of Hart Saga Book 1
PH Solomon
Only $2.99 May 7-14



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