Some things are OK, some aren’t

The first book of my Sean’s Saga trilogy-to-be, The Road to Hel, is available now on audiobook. Sean is voiced by the talented Kyle Adams, who cheerfully put up with pronouncing an egregious number of words from Old Norse. It’s on sale on Audible, ITunes, and Amazon.

Now, that’s okay. Also okay is that I’m making some progress on The Well of Time, the second book in Sean’s Saga (in chapter 5 currently; I’ve just about made it to the point from which the teaser excerpt at the end of Road to Hel was taken).

What’s not okay:
1) The fact that free speech is pretty much dead in the United States, with the government (working hand in hand with Big Tech) determining not only what is true and what is false, but what people will even be allowed to see and hear.
2) The fact that so many people seem to be okay with 1). I’m shocked that there are independent authors among those who cheer on the new censorship. I saw someone make this statement, more or less: “Free speech is not meant to protect lies.” Think about it for a moment (if in doubt, take another look at point 1) and then tell me if you can drive a monster truck through the hole in that “argument”.
3) The push for mandating a vaccine which isn’t really a vaccine, which sort of, maybe, might (or might not) protect against a virus which has a 99% plus survival rate, but by dint of relentless propaganda, has everyone scared senseless anyway. And, as an extra bonus: the demonization of those who refuse to participate in this needless, quite possibly dangerous experiment–“They’re the ones who are keeping us from getting back to normal!”. Cue the torches and pitchforks!

In short, it’s not okay that we are now being ruled by fear. And sadly, that makes it difficult, these days, to just put out an upbeat post about fantasy fiction.

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